From Huế to Đà Nẵng


After two days in Huế we took a rented car with a driver on the way to Đà Nẵng. Actually, it is much cheaper to travel this route by train, but we had planned to make some intermediate stops. Bathe at the Elephant Springs Our first stop were the so-called Elephant Springs (vietn. Suối Voi), which lie about 53 km away from Huế. This is a kind of river where giant stones lie that look like elephants. Again and again the river is interrupted by small waterfalls and natural swimming pools. Especially on hot days (no problem in Central Vietnam) it is a must to visit this place. Even when many Vietnamese stay here on the weekend, there is enough space for everyone who wants to cool off in these splendid swimming pools. There are small sheltered places on the shore where you can order cool drinks and food. Since apparently few tourists visit this place, we were a little attraction and were immediately invited for a beer by a group of drunken Vietnamese. View from our seafood restaurant When we finally were able to pull ourselves together to leave this place, on the way forward at Lăng Cô Beach we decided to go for a meal. There are many restaurants next to the beautiful beach where fresh seafood is served and you have a magnificent view of the sea. Fresh means that you can watch and choose your food still alive in buckets and aquariums when you enter the restaurant. Hai Van Pass: view over Lăng Cô Beach Hai Van Pass: view over Đà Nẵng In order to reach Đà Nẵng we must surmount the Hải Vân Pass, which is the natural border between North and South Vietnam. While the subtropical North Vietnam has four seasons, in the tropical South Vietnam only wet and dry seasons are still existing. At several passages you have a great view of Đà Nẵng, the sea and the peninsula Sơn Trà. Another way to reach the town is the Hải Vân Tunnel. Even if you (or in most cases, fortunately, the driver) have to overcome some hot spots when crossing the pass, it is worthwhile to choose this alternative. Translated by Caterina