Mũi Né


Beach in Mui Ne We took the “soft sleeper” bus from Hội An to Mũi Né. For about 26 dollars we were able to buy a ticket that can be used to go to Saigon without need to specify in advance how long and how many stops you make on your way south. You should only reserve places about two days before the scheduled departure in the Booking Office on site. Due to lack of time we could only plan to stop in Mũi Né. Another possibility would be a visit to Nha Trang. Like the others before the bus ride left much to be desired, which becomes very exhausting on a ride of about 17 hours. But shortly after our arrival we were compensated by the beautiful hotel and the dreamlike beautiful beach. Mũi Né is a touristic coastal town where you can always find spontaneously a hotel according to your wishes. The city is famous for its perfect conditions for kite and windsurfing. In addition to souvenirs and other things many shops offer the necessary equipment for this purpose. Numerous restaurants offer traditional Vietnamese food as well as meals for tourists who need a change. As far as our experience goes, you can also order tasty spaghetti Bolognese without risk. To move forward we would recommend motorbikes, because of the not to be underestimated length of the city. Red sand dunes in Mui Ne Besides relaxing and enjoying the beautiful beach, you can make two interesting tours in Mũi Né. One day we went to the red and white sand dunes by motorbike, but you can also explore them with an organized Jeep tour. The red sand dunes are located closer. As the name already suggests, they are really stained rusty red. Just a short walk in the dunes gives you the feeling of being in the desert. Many young boys on the spot offer guided tours into the dunes. Right on the road there are restaurants where you can recover from the heat. White sand dunes in Mui Ne A little further away are the white dunes. Especially with the motorbike the last kilometers of the ride are very exhausting. Firstly you have to drive round the many potholes, secondly you have to drive over sand a few yards, which is particularly difficult for inexperienced drivers. From the parking lot there are still a few minutes to walk until you reach the plastic mat rental. Here, little boys are also waiting to offer tours into the dunes. We decided to go alone. With two plastic mats we trudged to the nearest dunes – to walk in the fine sand is harder than you think:). With the mats you can slide down the partially steep slopes of the dunes in a more or less high speed depending on the skills, which makes a lot of fun! Fairy Stream in Mui Ne Another trip that should not be missed, would be the hike in the Fairy Stream. This is a small stream that winds through red and white sand dunes. You can start hiking right in the city. Unfortunately, this natural spectacle is not a secret anymore, so you are rarely alone here. Waterfall at the end of the Fairy stream Since the base of the creek is almost never rocky you can walk barefoot through the river bed, which is a very nice experience. At the end of the path you reach a small waterfall that is not spectacular, but worth a look. Translated by Caterina