Mùa hoa sưa – Milk flowers


Despite the lousy weather at the moment, Hanoi looks like a ocean of white blossoms. Every year around this time, the trees of Dalbergia tonkinensis are full abloom. They are also known as Hoa Sua (milk flowers). The evergreen trees belong to the family of leguminous plants. As the most expensive furniture is made out of their valuable timber, they are on the Red List of endangered species now. Despite this ban, it is still sold. One kilogram of its wood is sold for about $ 100. It is also used for medical purposes. It relieves from problems with the stomach. In Hanoi, the SUA trees are numbered for their protection. Many are located in the botanical garden. But they can also be found in some main streets and in the Old Town. The flowers release a very pleasant subtle fragrance. Best regards Cathrin Cathrin’s Blog: Zwischen Traditionen und Moderne