Preparation for Tết Festival


The New Year Festival (Tết ) is actually celebrated to welcome the spring time. At the moment, it looks more like summer. This afternoon, it has been raining a bit, but for the next day weather promised us good weather with plenty of sun. The temperature will reach nearly 30 degrees Celsius. For this time of the year the temperature is normally in the range of 15-20 degree. Just in time of the start of the semester we are somehow sympathetic to the weather gods. Tomorrow, the “Ghost of the Kitchen” (Ong Tao) will leave us for a week to go for a reporting trip to his boss in heaven, Ngoc Hoang. For this reason, today is a housecleaning day. Thus I only have time for some links. Yesterday, the traditional Tết flower markets in Hanoi have been opened. This year there are 51 such markets, of which 16 are located in the city. The three major flower markets in the old town are located in  Hàng Lược, Hàng Mã, and Hàng Khoai. Until February 13, traditional flowers for the Tết Festival decoration, especially peach and apricot flowers, are for sale. But of course, there is also the complete range of blossoms available. The flowers are fresh from the nurseries of the city or from the villages nearby. Attached are some photographs reflecting the atmosphere. Many greetings Cathrin (Cathrin’s Blog) Tet flowers in Ha Noi Peach garden & flowers Offering for Ong Tao Tết Athmosphere in Ha Noi