Survival Guide for the Next Heatwave


Summer has taken control of Hanoi. Since the middle of the month, there has been the biggest heat, for I do not know how many years. The thermometer climbes up to 40 degrees, every day. Even at night the thermometer still shows 30 degrees. Because the rain stayed away up to now, there are massive problems with the power supply. The reservoirs of the hydroelectric power plants are almost empty, and the water level of the rivers extremely low. The capacity of the power plants is no longer sufficient in order to guarantee the supply for sure. This results in power cuts. One after another, various municipalities are cut off the current for several hours. Yet there is not always with a notice in advance, as we know from the past. This happens often so surprisingly that you cannot prepare for it. We live right in the center of Hanoi, and are fortunately rarely affected, but in other districts it has happened that the electricity supply had been cut off several times a week for longer than half a day. Two days ago, it got a little cooler, but the next heat wave will come back for sure. Our thermometer on the roof wants to reach the 35 degree mark again. What is the best way to deal with the heat? My advice to shower frequently just works limited, because often there comes lukewarm water out of the tap. This isn’t refreshing at all. And you cannot eat ice cream all the time. Modern shopping malls and supermarkets, however, have turned out to be true oases for people affected by the heat. The air-conditioned buildings attract people like a magnet. The beer gardens of the city are as well-frequented as rare. Actually I don’t like beer that much, but the Bia hơi sla the thirst quite excellent. Of course, ice cream parlors now have high season, too. The few swimming baths and pools in the city are completely are crowded, particularly in the afternoon and in the evening. Many people do not stay in their warm homes, but look for a shady spot in a park or at one of the many lakes. Who has the opportunity to leave town for a few days, goes towards the mountains or the sea. We sent our foster child Lan to to relatives who live in the countryside in Thái Bình. There, the heat is not as bad as in the city. Yet, Lan was not very excited about it, and on July 12 she wants to go with me to Ho Chi Minh City, where we want to meet Sopheak. So I’ll pick her up again in time. Phương has the great luck to work in a climate archive and I will also survive somehow at the universoty until the final days of the semester. But I’m very sorry for Thao. Scarcely overcame the high school exams, she has to prepare for the entrance test of the university. So there won’t be spare time in the next few weeks, which is certainly no pleasure with this heat. If she passes that exam, of which there is not the slightest doubt, there will be a really big surprise waiting for her. For this, it worth sweating. Many greetings Cathrin Cathrin’s Blog: Zwischen Traditionen und Moderne